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Forging Links

In its role as point of contact between science and industry, the University of Tuebingen’s Industry Liaison Office arranges the targeted exchange of information between interested parties.

In addition to the internal and external linking of existing university frameworks, we are also focussed on involving scientists in internal and external projects. Due to the close exchange with the university research funding and the technology transfer we are able to quickly recruit competent staff for joint national and international support programmes and IP-questions. Businesses profit from the intensive internal and external university linking and from the support that is tailored to their needs.

The university’s Liaison Office offers a non-bureaucratic first point of contact and a network for initiating a successful joint venture between science and industry. As a result both interest groups benefit from one another.

We will support businesses in their search for an efficient joint venture and will help with:

  • gaining access to the university,
  • identifying a suitable research partner,
  • finding access to resources,
  • initiating joint research projects,
  • discovering new and innovative technologies.

Innovative ideas, which are in the process of being developed into a product or a service at the University of Tuebingen, should be supported in the best possible way. The Liaison Office will help to find the optimal approach in personal meetings as well as realise these ideas.

We will advise our scientists and support them in:

» finding suitable industry partners for planned research projects,

» identifying innovation potential,

» supporting major scientific projects,

» applying for the intramural funding program "Innovation Grants",

» linking up and using services both in the university Core Facilities and the Tuebingen Research Campus institutions.