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Promoting Frameworks

Not only does the University of Tuebingen’s Liaison Office promote the use of existing university frameworks, such as the Core Facilities and the Research Platforms, but also the creation of Industry-on-Campus projects.

The Liaison Office aims to gather information about the service frameworks of the Excellence Initiative and forward it specifically to scientists both inside and outside of the university. Currently, these frameworks include the Core Facilities (LISA+, QBiC, Digital Humanities Center), the Research Platforms (Personalised Medicine, Medical Technology, Environmental System Analytics, TüCAD2 as well as Education, Society, Norms and Ethical Reflection) and the Industry-on-Campus professorships (Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH, BOSCH GmbH, Festo GmbH & Co KG).

The Core Facilities are distinguished by the fact that they can provide intra-university services such as physical-optical measurement procedures, biomedical high throughput analytics and the digitalisation of highly complex analogue data due to their specialised equipment.

The Research Platforms represent the association of leading researchers in Tuebingen from different disciplines, who work on core areas from basic research to applied research at an internationally competitive standard.

Industry-on-Campus professorships form the interface between basic research and application orientation. For Tubingen, they represent an excellent format for going new ways with industry partners and thereby opening up new perspectives for application inspired research.

We will offer you recommendations and practical help when developing suggestions for setting up and integrating service frameworks into the university’s overall concept.

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