Competence Center Archaeometry - Baden-Wuerttemberg (CCA-BW)

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Competence Center Archaeometry - Baden-Wuerttemberg (CCA-BW)

At the University of Tuebingen a new "Competence Center Archaeometry - Baden-Wuerttemberg" has been established in the field of "Material Sciences Archaeometry" which is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research & Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg, the company Helmut Fischer GmbH in Sindelfingen and the Excellence Initiative of the University of Tuebingen.

The Competence Center Archaeometry – Baden Wuerttemberg (CCA-BW) represents an interdisciplinary construct where the immediate connection of humanistic / historical approaches with scientific and methodological aims are realized and thus, expand the usual frame of interdisciplinary projects. The so defined archaeometry includes a number of already installed research areas in Tuebingen and structurally connects the Prehistory (science) with Classical Archaeology (philosophy). The CCA-BW is the logical consequence of the realization of technological, anthropological and social interaction that took place from antiquity to the present and which requires a corresponding holistic understanding of science. Precisely this will now structurally be realialized in Tuebingen. Current and cross-linked starting point is the "Material Sciences Archaeometry" that organically grew out of Applied Mineralogy. In close exchange with the mentioned areas of natural sciences and humanities the field of archaeometry has been established nationally as well as internationally in recent years. Analysis techniques which meet archeological requirements and new developments of mobile measurement methods play a central role. With the development of a completely new mobile and modular coupling of methods local measurements will become available. This is essential since, especially during excavations, in collections or in cultural monuments, in many cases artifacts are often immobile because of their size or their cultural and political significance or they are subject to export restrictions.

The CCA-BW will visibly expand the unique features of the University of Tuebingen and therefore, be seamlessly integrated into the already existing concepts.

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Helmut Fischer GmbH, Sindelfingen


Excellence Initiative, University of Tuebingen